Connecting the Dots

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Connecting the Dots


Connecting the Dots is all about poems describing a girl’s feelings and her constant fight with her thoughts. She believes that she cannot put a fullstop to her thoughts but can definitely give them a shape in the form of poems, and that is why she starts writing poetry. ‘Connecting the dots’ is a collection of 50 poems covering different thought processes at different times. It is situated based, person based and imagination based poetry. It has a start to a story, a body and an ending.

The poems are beautifully written, they are easy to understand and would definitely touch their soul.

Author: Sushreeja Mishra

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3 reviews for Connecting the Dots

  1. Devanshi

    Connecting the dots is a collection of 50 poems. It depicts about love, heartbreak, especially about the feelings of a girl. Like what happens with her right from her birth, what all obstacles she faces, what heartbreak does to a girl and so much more.

    First of all the title of the book intrigued me for picking up this book. And yes, it was worth it. I loved it completely. While reading it, I felt like everything was written about me in a form of poetry. Everything was relatable.

    My favourites: Gazing at the beauty, Girl child abortion, A girl, One day, For him- For her, Life and Death, Relating Words with Feelings, Soul met, Knock at the right door, Rain or Him, Dear Someone, Everythingship, To the Stars, The stop.

    Do give it a try!☺️

  2. Neha Chandekar

    Thank you @mcmvbookstore for the beautiful poetry book

    #bookreview by @thebibliophile_doctor

    Connecting the dots by Sushreeha Mishra

    “Her eyes constantly stare
    At the beauty of the moon
    Carrying its dark spots
    She, herself carries many dark spots Many dim lights inside
    And many depressing thoughts
    Little does she know
    She had overcome the ocean
    While looking for the shore
    Little does she know
    She is ready to face the outer world
    With dim lights inside
    She is ready to open”

    This is a collection of 50 beautiful poems are that easy to understand and relate as well. They describe well how girl’s world is who can not put a stop to her train of thoughts and that makes her bleed on the paper in the form of beautiful poetry.
    The troubles she faces, the sufferings she endure are well penned

    The poems cover many topics and I liked them even better coz of that. Although I enjoyed all the poems, My favorite were —Moon and it’s light, For him and for her and Gazing at the beauty.

    Poems, I find them very close to the heart, in few words they express so much. They are thought provoking and surprisingly simple but not overtly so.

    If you are a poem admirer, then give this one a try and you won’t be disappointed. Looking forward to read more by the author.

  3. Kent

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