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INKLAB Comics Magazine “Disease”

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INKLAB Comics Magazine “Disease”

Each issue of Theme based quarterly Graphic magazine “INKLAB” will feature, in crisp black-and-white, comics for grownups stories from a rotating set of comics creators. Each story follows each issue’s theme, each a cheeky take on popular culture and current events, but with each creator’s own original spin on it. The first issue’s theme is ‘Disease’ – chosen to be timeless and topical at the same time – and looks at the theme from all angles except the obvious ones.

Published By: Comics | Big Bang Books

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4 reviews for INKLAB Comics Magazine “Disease”

  1. Readwithsneha

    Reading comics after a longgggg time but the excitement remains the same .
    There are 4 stories amongst which 3 is in English and one is penned in Hindi as well. The stories in the comics is something related to our day to day life and it is thought-provoking at the same time. The issue comprises of following:
    1. Common by Divya Tak
    2. Jhootha Paani by Shikhant Sablania
    3.Dyspepsia by Aakshat Sinha
    4. The Trouble with Allopathy by Anupam Arunachalam

    The content is short and crisp. The narration is suitable to the story chosen and the language is easy to understand. The book contains illustrations in black and white depicting the emotions of the characters in the story. The mood of the scene is captured by the artist via illustrations. The cover of the comics suits the theme chosen. Highly recommended to those who love to read comics !!

  2. Neha Verma

    must read !!!

  3. Ginny Dutt

    These 4 stories are thought provoking and deal with issues like untouchability, discomfort of a disease as common as common cold etc. I really liked the illustrations in the book depicting the raw emotions of characters. Jhootha Pani is my favorite story from this book, on the surface its about untouchability but if we look deeper, it shows the struggle of making a good livelihood, the companionship, hardships faced by migrants and the way it ends, really inspiring. It’s worth a read and I felt nostalgic as I haven’t read a comic in a while. This isn’t just a comic but a stimulating read.

  4. Hannah Vargees

    This book is real good. A comic that is a light read and fun too. Reading this was a pleasure. My favourite part the one about the Allopathy. The comic has its own way of telling the details and facts in a beautiful way.
    This contains three English stories and one hindi one. I loved the illustration as well. People who look for a enlightening fun read please pick this! Thank you so much MCMV Bookstore for giving this opportunity.

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