From Fullstop to Comma

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From Fullstop to Comma

“Poetry is an emotional response through the use of words and letters, expressing the innermost feelings of the human.”

Majorly inspired by her favourite poet Agha Shahid Ali, Disha Malhotra’s poetry contains the flavours of mixed feelings. It is a platter that contains a multi-cuisine of topics and poetic devices. She has tried to pen a very homely aroma to the words to make your connection more familiar.

Author: Disha Malhotra

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7 reviews for From Fullstop to Comma

  1. Devanshi

    From Fullstop to Comma is a collection of poems based on heartbreak, current situations, positivity, relationships and hope.

    It has a collection of infinite emotions. Reading the poems helped me by lightening my heart. It is heartwarming and a thoughtful book. It gave me so many positive vibes, I felt like I can do whatever I want no matter what!

    This book has a mixture of both deep and easy-going poems as it has poems based on almost every situation that we come through in our lives. I also loved the illustrations, they were very deep.

    This book is best for those who have been feeling low in their life and are seeking for hope and positivity. And would recommend this book to everyone.

  2. Sanjana Das

    This book is a collection of 31 poems that are categorized under five main chapters. Each chapter has a different theme on which the poems are based on. The book also contains some beautiful sketches and doodles that match with the mood of the chapters. There are total 107 pages in the paperback version of the book.

    🌼 The title of the book is abstract. The main themes of the book include self confidence, love, heartbreak, social issues and lastly mother nature. The poems are of various lengths. Some are one page and others occupy 3 or 4 pages, with really beautiful expressions. Some of the poems really touched my heart, some didn’t quite make sense to me. My favorite poem is Hypocrisy from the chapter Societal Grill. Last but not the least, I really appreciate this beautiful cover of the book. Recommended to all the lovers of poetry.

  3. Neha Chandekar

    The chasm of hopes,
    Scraping through the wattle of dreams,
    That have been smashed
    Between the weight of “being me”

    Poems by Disha Malhotra

    Sometimes it’s so difficult to find words as to exactly what you felt while reading a book. This book left me in emotional crutches and I haven’t yet been able to recover. It is collection of mixed poetry, few striking and hitting home while other light-hearted.

    Few of my favorite ones were Monsoon, hope, her mahogany skin, wind and self-love.

    She was fragile,
    Fluttered with contusions
    All over her corpse.
    The hard blow almost disrupted her soul.
    Nonetheless, she collected
    Her broken chunks,
    Craving for thin streaks of clouds
    Trailing in the sky,
    Pausing a moment to breathe,
    Hoping for the sunlight
    To penetrate from beneath. – Hope

    Language is simple, lucid, easy to understand and adorned with rhythm. Most profound is the effect that is branded with its simplicity and it leaves its mark on the mind of a reader.

    Highly recommended for poetry lovers.

  4. The Biblio Minhocas

    From Fullstop to Comma is a collection of poetries which range from love, rage, betrayal and a range of other emotions. The book is divided into several parts, making it easier for the reader to resonate with the emotions more distinctly. The best thing about this book is that it remains true to it’s title and the charm remains reminiscential throughout, with all the wavering frequencies of emotions. It explores heartbreak and love in its different phases, it takes pleasure in finding some old tattered memories stuffed hastily in the store room to raising a firm voice against social evils, this book has it all. Usually in anthologies of its kind, we get to experience a single theme lingering throughout the book but it’s interesting how diverse the poems of this anthology are. The poems have been written in the span of two years of the poet’s life and I think this justifies why they do not have a single theme. Another interesting thing is that though these poems can be enjoyed by anyone, at any point of time but they retain a personal touch from the poet which is delicate and mesmerizing. The book becomes more enjoyable because of all the illustrations along with the poems.
    One of my favourites from this collection is a poem called “Sati” which beautifully captures the haunting essence of the dreadful practice of Sati Pratha of ancient India. Even though most of the poems were absolutely exquisite and lucid, only a few of them turned out to be a little too complex and in the end didn’t hit the right spot. But that’s just a minor problem.
    Last but not the least, the cover page of this book is absolutely adorable!

  5. Rivannah

    From Fullstop to Comma is a collection of enchanting poems by Disha Malhotra. Where the poet has narrated poignant stories in verses portraying a picturesque of that lotus blooming in the pond of mud. Telling us that every dark nights ends with happy mornings
    Talking about regaining the lost smiles again. Burning ourselves in the fumes of passion and pave our own direction in the world of imitation. That there is hope waiting for us in the dark also points how sometimes society points our uniqueness as flaws and makes us insecure and how sometimes we crave for love to love ourselves and sometimes we have to unlove someone to love ourselves. Talking about childhood nostalgia and voicing the silence ,from dreams to nightmares the poems talks about it all. About a Girl Who figts against all hypocrisy ,demonic beliefs and society itself.There is a part namely Environmental Matters which aims at spreading awareness about how we are ignorant towards the cries of our mather earth

  6. Anujashree Roy

    From love, heart-break, anger, to many more, From Full Stop to Comma will stir up all these emotions in you.
    This collection of poems is so full of emotions, it’s unlike anything you might have ever read.
    I really caught up while reading this book, they were so perfectly written. The poems are so subtly written and the illustrations along with them make them even more beautiful. The author has gracefully given all the poems a personal touch.
    This book was so encouraging. I would really like you all to pick this book up, especially during times like this.

  7. Parveen Rana

    This book from my Idol was very special for me. As i saw the phase of writing it, and thought process of inspiring people through the story behind it’s making. I was very Fortunate to have Super Special Signed copy from my Idol. From every problem i have come out, fights and gone through a lot. Down and out i used to open the book and sometimes watching it’s Autograph and title itself trust me i got up and Happily went forward. I Personally think if we think of giving up soooo many moments comes to throw us down to impose a Full Stop by Full Intensity. But All we need is an Inspiration, A Strong Will Power to accept and see. Cool i have hit the Rock Bottom, things are stacked up against me. I will Face them and Win no matter what. That’s a Comma of Believing in yourself, keep process on and Keep on Fighting. People will leave you, everyone will go against you, if you are right and doing right thing. Don’t be Scared. Be Bold.
    Thank you Soooo much Perfectionist Malhotra.
    Don’t know the numbers/Success but It’s impact on touching my heart is Absolute Success and always be the best Book of my Shelf.
    I Will keep learning from the words you always told. Thank you for being an Inspiration Always.

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