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A Voyage to Peace

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A Voyage to Peace

This book is a collection of poems and quotes that spreads hope. Everyone needs hope in life for it is the only way to achieve peace in today’s world. Life holds a lot of challenges that we must face. We encounter multiple heartbreaks but it can never be enough to break us.
A Voyage to Peace has won “The Best Poetry Book Award 2020” by author Pages Magazine
and is also nominated by several other platforms. This book has been a part of a few fests including “World Book Fair, New Delhi”.

Author: Priyansh Ranjan

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6 reviews for A Voyage to Peace

  1. Sanjana Das

    This book contains 121 pages and approximately 120 poems and quotes. Each one of them feels so relatable and at the same time instill positive feelings in the minds of the reader. That is exactly, what I search for in poetry books. The language is simple English and there are no vernacular words used. All the poems are not rhyming but they definitely makes sense to the reader. Also, the book gets its title from the very last poem in this book, which has the same name A voyage to peace and is my most favorite poem in the book.

  2. Lilly

    “Sitting on the docks, counting seagulls, Glamour of my ship is going dull, Too scared I am to ride again, But something tells me to break my chains, Unknotting the ropes for a long sail, A journey to free myself from frail, I feel this is all my soul needs, So I’ll embark on a voyage to peace…”

    I will start it from the beginning of the end. Why this book is called A voyage of peace. Because the journey I felt while reading this poetry book was definitely a voyage of peace.

    This book talks about the most important thing we need to hear in this fake, double standards world. About self love. And the way the author Priyansh have written all those inspiring lines of both self love and the way to love someone is just so touching.

    “I was fighting for some people day and night, But they can’t even hear my lonely cries, What was all that worth, I don’t know why but it hurts, I gave them all I had, all my time, But they can’t even hear my lonely cries…”

    Just read it, it was so beautiful. And one of my favourite from all of his poems. I can totally relate to every words of it on so much personal level.

    And I really loved the way the author talked the girl he love. I can feel all the emotions by the way he wrote about her in his poetries. That kind of love is something we all crave for.

    The words were relatable, with easy language and one can absolutely feel connected to it. Thou, there were some poems that were in not the rhythm but I’m going to overlook it because they also do make sense. And I have read some other poetry books that were just random scribbles in the name of poetry. This book was far better than any of those.

  3. Ayushi Jaiswal

    This beautiful book is an amalgamation of couplets and love poems with a sprinkle of inspiring quotes here and there. The poems are lucidly written. A closer look will fetch you a variety of poems from rhyming couplets to free verses to even sonnets.
    The poems are not interrelated, that turned out as a savior because during a busy day I could read one or two pages and be done. Like the style of the poems, the themes are also very different from one another. Some quotes were quite direct while others kept me pondering about them, the whole day. Well, I became a fan of the love poems, my favorites were “moonlight”, “your eyes”, “a tale of kinship”, etc. Of course I loved the hopeful and uplifting nature which was the connecting feature of I guess all the poems and quotes. Would love to see this promising author grow and ripe with time.
    Will surely be picking his next book.

    Recommendation- If you love reading poems and quotes online or on Instagram then this is the book for you. If you are looking to get into a habit of reading more poems highly recommend it to you.

  4. Innovations and Ideals

    REVIEW⛵ – This book is a collection of poems written by an author who has one of those bad phases in his life. He dedicates this book to those who might be going through something similar and he hopes that this book would spread hope to those who are feeling in the low and would like to reach their peaks.
    When I first started reading the book, I expected it to be a story of poems that are interconnected. But it turns out that the book is different. Each poem has been written on the low and they have different meanings for the different lows that you undergo. Not all of them seem to have been written as the same point of view in grief but in a lot of different views instead. And if you read this book during your low moments, which I did, you’d feel safe and comfort, knowing that there is someone out there who feels the same.

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