Bookshelf Whispers

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Bookshelf Whispers

A period romance in late 21st century set in a Wada environment.
Emilie, a foreign exchange student, meets an aspiring Kabbadi player Akinsa at his residence “Prabhu Wada”. The attraction is inevitable but the cultural differences??
Will they or won’t they ??
One of the Top 50, on the NIELSEN-HWR Bestselling List

Author: Bhagyashree Ranade

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8 reviews for Bookshelf Whispers

  1. Richa Tamhane

    First of all, I was hooked to this book from the first page itself because it was the story of ancient Pune and Maharashtra. I’ve been close to this place since childhood and reading about the heritage and life of the people in ancient Pune made me overwhelmed already. Truly said – A nostalgia of bygone era!

    Emilie, a foreign exchange student from London falls in love with Akinsa – the resident of Wada. Their story seems to be heartwarming including their efforts taken to know each other despite of their cultural diversities.
    The characters, Surya, Gayatri, Akinsa, Emilie, Renu, there are a lot of characters described very sincerely. Loved the character building and narration style of the author. Akinsa and Emilie’s love for poetry and writing became another hook for me in this story. Their chemistry is magical indeed!

    Overall, I found it to be a good read. I’d say if you want to experience the nostalgia of the bygone Maharashtrian Era, this is the one for you!

  2. Komal Kumari

    Book:- Bookshelf Whispers
    Author:- Bhagyashree Ranade
    Format:- Paper’back
    Ratings:- 5/5

    Firsts of first, the title of the book is quite attractive. The book cover adds up to the beauty of the storyline & plot. The author had beautifully portrayed a mesmerizing love story with the blend of life and mesmerizing.

    The protagonists here are Emilie and Akinsa. Prabhu Wada is also one of the major characters in the storyline. Akinsa is a great kabaddi player & Emilie is a foreign exchange student belonging to UK.

    The two protagonists Akinsa and Emilie fall in love with each other. Differences in tradition, culture becomes the villian in their lovestory. But, will their families except their love relation? Know it all yourselves by just diving deep into the storyline.

    The storyline is portrayed in a magnificent manner. You will enjoy the plot chemistry between the love couple. Highly recommended for fiction lovers.

    Thank You.
    Happy Reading 📚

  3. Vardah Manna

    I kept wondering how much information is too much information until a few details started slipping out of my mind.

    Bookshelf whispers talk about the family and the extended families of Wada and how different they are from one another.

    Akinsa, a kabaddi enthusiast who is trapped in his own little world.

    Emilie, an exchamge student who puts her heart into everything she does.

    Aditi, one of the finest daughters you could wish for.

    Renu, a woman with the zeal to outshine in all ages of her life.

    Druv, the geek who’s helping hands are always outstretched.

    Although the book had a lot to offer, I found it rather difficult to focus because the stories weren’t entwined with one another.

  4. Murshidha

    📘 I really admire the Wada culture and thier 3 storied house. Its quite lovely and a soothing read with good character connect. It portrays the impact of prevalent socio-cultural differences between regions. Complexities and depth of relationships can be read along.

    📘 Attractive cover and illustrations(black& white) along the chapters. Smooth and evebly progressing plot is a plus. When people from two different communities, culture and background wants to have a future together, there starts the chaos. This is something where our society needs to change its perspective.

  5. Simran Sardana

    Bookshelf whispers is a book that mirrors the Author’s point of view on the significance of moralism, mankind, valiance; and her experiences on ethnic comprehensiveness.

    It holds fluctuated topics like Patriotism, Passion, Love, Feminism, Literature, Culture, Tourism, Politics, Profession, Responsibility, Social Activism, Affection, Care, Dedication, and Nature.

    The book opens with a frenzy in the Wada people group from where Akinsa has left without leaving a note. Continuing to unveil who are the proprietors of the Wada, the clever starts with a flashback followed by Akinsa’s meet with a Foreigner, Emilie whose calf love proceeds all through the book.

    The creator adjusts the third individual story style which is basic and understandable in any case, there are examples where the portrayal is redundant or buzzword.

    Notwithstanding, the tale as a subplot is engaging and makes simple to the perusers. It is a decent perused for youngsters and amateur perusers.

    Albeit the book brought a ton to the table, I thought that it is somewhat hard to concentrate in light of the fact that the tales weren’t laced with each other.

  6. Sam

    Stories change in a great deal depending on where they are told, who is telling the story to whom, and according to the situation. 

    Title- Bookshelf Whispers
    Author- Bhagyashree Ranade
    Genre- Novel, Children’s Book
    Pages- 134
    Rating- 3.5/5

    Bhagyashree Ranade is a prolific writer. The novel, “Bookshelf Whispers” reflects her perspective on the importance of moralism, humanity, bravery; and her insights on ethnic inclusiveness.
    The book enhances the globalisation of cultural knowledge. It holds varied themes like Patriotism, Passion, Love, Feminism, Literature, Culture, Tourism, Politics, Profession, Responsibility, Social Activism, Affection, Care, Dedication, and Nature.
    The novel opens with a panic in the Wada community from where Akinsa has left without even leaving a note. Proceeding to disclose who are the owners of the Wada, the novel begins with a flashback followed by Akinsa’s meet with a Foreigner, Emilie whose calf love is continued throughout the novel.
    The author adapts the third person narrative style which is simple and comprehensible but, there are instances where the narration is repetitive or cliche.
    The entire plot is monotonous.
    However, the fables as a subplot is entertaining and creates ease to the readers. It is a good read for children and novice readers. 
    Happy Reading ❣️

  7. Ayushi

    Author Bhagyashree has done a very good job in her book. This whole story is set at a place named Prabhu Wada. Akinsa son of Gayatri and Surya, is the central character of the story who is the player of Kabaddi.

    The story has another new character entry named Emelie. Emelie is foreign and has been here during the Student Exchange program. Emelie and Akinsa meet and become good friends. We start loving each other. But now you have to read the book till the end to know what happens next.

    In the story, the author also told about the new character. Just like Renu and his son Dhruv. The book narration is well decorated. The author’s style of writing is also worthy of appreciation. The book cover page design is beautiful as well as the title. I recommend everyone to read this book.

    Happy Reading 💙

  8. Sonika Kargutkar

    When I saw the title of the book-‘Bookshelf Whispers’,I felt this will be more of horror or suspense.But no…it s motivating,inspiring and is a love story.

    The protagonist of the story is Akinsa.Akinsa is a person like us(many of us) who don’t know what he is going to do with his life or what he wants and aspires from the life.He is quite unaware of his true potential.

    But Surya sees Akinsa’s potential.Surya trains him and polishes his Kabaddi Skills.

    The story takes a romantic turn when Emile enters into the story.Emile gives a romantic feel to the story.Their friendship blooms into love in no time.

    Story takes a major turn when the reality hits to Emile and Akinsa.Emile is from UK and she came to India for just her study purpose.Also,she is confused how and what to introduce Akinsa infront of her parents.There are few other things which comes between them.What are they?How they affect the story? And what’s next?
    Grab the book,read it and get to know the whole story.
    Talking about my experience:

    I liked how the story started.The story took time to grab my attention but when Surya and Akinsa came together in frame,it completely had my attention.

    Also,the reader in me aroused when Emile came into the picture.Emile gave a romantic turn to the story.And I loved how the cute things were described.

    The book has few other characters which add spice to the story.

    The language used is simple and easy.Maybe the book will take time to have your attention but once you get the grip it will be an engaging read.

    The story is not an unique one but its bit different.The book is engaging,inspiring and heartbreaking at moments.

    Also,the title of the book is unique and different and definitely will arouse your curiousity.

    A very good book which you can read anytime.

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