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Mumblings from the Depth

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Mumblings from the Depth


“Passing through various seasons and times join a journey that would make you also listen to the mumblings of your own heart- the mumblings from your own depth.”

An amputated soldier yearning to see the world, a brash and over-confident star athlete on whom the nation’s hope lie, the dreams of an Iraqi football player getting shattered and a Titanic survivor reminiscing his bitter survival.

What did these people have in common? Or maybe, there must have been something that attached these different people who were spread across different walks of life with varying history and time periods. The truth is that these people aid heed to the voices in their heart.

The mumblings of love, despair, dreams, gratitude, guilt, hope and many more. These mumblings made them common by a single thread.

Author: Jithu Biji Thomas

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3 reviews for Mumblings from the Depth

  1. Shreyash Kumar Rout

    “You know you have read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as you have lost a friend.”- Paul Sweeney.

    The book “Mumblings from the Depth” by Jithu Biji Thomas is one such book. Whatever elements go into making a good book of complex thoughts and simple construct, has been used in this book. “Mumblings from the Depth” is a 95-page collection of short stories. Stories about life, love, death, loneliness and mostly human relations. There is a total of 21 stories and the author takes you on a world tour with a package for heart wrenching encounters in these 21 stories. The unique nature of this book is that every story starts with a small quote which does not make much sense. However, after completing the story if you go back and read the quote, it makes a lot more sense, enough to give you goosebumps. The stories are unique in their own way. The characters are both dead and alive. In every way, it is a roller coaster ride.

    All in all, the Mumblings from the Depth is the best afternoon read for every avid reader, semi-avid and non-avid-reader out there as it speaks of simple human emotions in a much simpler way, which bring about the labyrinth nature of life as it is and the solitary nature of death as it is.

  2. Devanshi

    💞“Oh, my beloved eye,
    I trusted you with my life,
    My perceptions, my choices, my all,
    For a while, I kept my heart a prisoner, The prisoner who would only tell the truth.”💞

    Mumblings from the depth is a collection of 21 short stories intertwined with prose in the starting which mainly describe the sadness and pain of people that is left unsaid and kept in their hearts. Thus, the title of the book describes.

    The theme of every story is love, heartbreak and longing for someone. Each story is filled with raw emotions. The stories are mainly set in different times of war and isolation.

    The writing style of this book is very sophisticated. The language is lucid and the narration is very smooth. The characters are well developed. It has many emotional parts too.
    Overall a good read. Recommended to beginners and those who are looking for short stories.

  3. Enakshi Mukherjee

    About the book: Today I am reviewing a collection of 21 short stories that narrate the experiences of different people. The cold winter mornings, the warmth of the shawls, and the coziness of the blankets have always forced me to walk down my memory lane and reflect on my past. So at this point of time, this book was all I needed. The stories explore the reflective emotions of the people by whom they were told. Interestingly all of them had something in common, and that’s their reminiscence. Their remembrances and thoughts will leave an impact on the reader.

    My opinion: Firstly, I loved the poems with which all the stories began. I loved the way the stories were told, how the suspense was held, and how it revealed the depth of thoughts of the narrator. They are reminded of their past experiences, life’s pain, guilt, and hidden sins. The narration is so amazing that you can see and visualize the story through the author’s words. I can understand that like the stories the author wanted to keep the cover simple but more could have been done with the cover.
    I feel this book is perfect for anyone who is a beginner or like reading deep texts. Also if you like reading short stories definitely pick this up.

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