Reading – To Develop A Child’s Morales and Character Growth

Ruskin Bond

A young girl befriends the child who stole her blue umbrella in this endearing tale. It instills in children the value of friendship, empathy, and forgiving others.

Children’s book “The Blue Umbrella” is written by renowned Indian author Ruskin Bond. It relates the tale of Binya, a young child who lives in a small village in the Indian highlands. One day, while exploring the village, she discovers a stunning blue umbrella that belonged to a traveller. The umbrella wins Binya’s heart, and she exchanges it for some of her own goods.

The umbrella astounded the villagers and quickly became the topic of conversation. Ram Bharosa, a shopkeeper, grows envious of Binya and wants the umbrella for himself. Binya rejects his attempts to deceive her into selling it to him.

“The Blue Umbrella,” a succinct yet masterfully written tale, teaches young readers the importance of being truthful, forgiving, and kind. It also sheds insight on Indian rural life and emphasises the value of respecting other people’s cultures and customs. Both kids and adults like the book, and it has been made into a well-liked movie.


Ruskin Bond’s “The Blue Umbrella” features a small yet lovable cast of characters. The novel’s main characters are listed below:

The main character of the narrative is Binya, a young woman who resides in a small Indian village in the highlands. She is adventurous, kind, and interested. She also develops a strong attachment to the blue umbrella she exchanges for some of her goods.

A merchant in the village named Ram Bharosa tries to con Binya into giving him her blue umbrella after growing envious of it. Later, he steals the umbrella, but after feeling bad, he gives it back to Binya.

The fun and naughty younger brother of Binya is named Bijju. He assists Binya in caring for the animals on their tiny family farm.

The tourists are a group of visitors to the village, one of them is in possession of the blue umbrella. They are cordial with Binya and Bijju and show interest in the village and its residents.

The other villagers in the village are interested in the owner and the blue umbrella since they are villager. They play a minor but crucial part in the plot and are warm and inviting to the guests.

The development of the plot and the ideas covered in the story depend heavily on each character in the book.

1. Start early: Reading books to a toddler who is unaware of what you are saying but catch emotions through your expressions, soothing effects, that you make while reciting them their bedtime stories. The type of expression you portray makes them more vigilant while listening to the story. A small responsibility falls on the end of parents as well of making it a daily routine. Choose books that have graphic illustrations and also it can be a calming lullaby.

2. Choose the books carefully: Investing in the type of books also plays an important role. Focus on books with minimal text and illustration. Choose books that are colorful in nature rather than those deep and grumpy colors. Colors lay down an equivalent amount of impact on their brains. Choosing books full of enthralling experiences will help them in developing their genre.

3. Let them choose: Letting your child choose the book will give many positive results. Because reading the book that they have chosen will make them more immersed in the entire journey. Children always gravitate towards those books which are visually more attractive.

Aforesaid, these are a few initiatives that can and should be taken from parents end in order to inculcate a good habit of reading in their child. Which proves to be beneficial for their child in the long run. The importance of reading books is invaluable in a child’s life. As it helps in sharpening their skills. A child’s mind is like empty slate, which is the best time for them to inculcate such habits. Reading them books from an early age of their choice will help them absorb those expression, generate interest towards a genre and understand the emotion that one is trying to express.

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  1. I really hope and wish , children today read more books and spend lesser time in mobile.
    Parents also will have to play a large part.

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