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Aanchal Arora

‘The Efflorescence’, the best selling book of poems is a true witness of
Aanchal’s adroitness.

1) What keeps you motivated?

You have the ability to express yourself uniquely through poetry as art. You can use language to conjure up images and feelings in the readers’ minds if you write about your experiences, ideas, and emotions.

Fostering connections: Poetry has the ability to bring together individuals from varied language, cultural, and historical backgrounds. It might encourage empathetic behaviour and improved interpersonal relations.

2) You have written quite a few things on self-love. How important is self-love according to you?

For our total happiness and well-being, we must love ourselves. It serves as the cornerstone of a happy and healthy existence. The following are some reasons why self-love is essential.We have higher self-esteem when we love and respect ourselves. When we value ourselves, we have a sense of worth, a favourable view of ourselves, and confidence in our abilities.When we accept and embrace who we are, we may develop healthy connections with our emotions. We discover how to accept and acknowledge our emotions without judging them.Only from a place of self-love can we conjure the fortitude needed to overcome obstacles and failures. We are more equipped to deal with pressure, worry, and difficulties when we love ourselves.

“When I face difficult situations, out there many would have faced the same and ultimately our experiences are similar. I choose to address it so others can connect with my words,” says Aanchal

3) This pandemic has taken a toll on most of our lives, how was your journey during the pandemic?    

Because of the pandemic, my book promotion events were kept on hold. Thanks to technology we held many exciting online events. And, this helped me a lot. Examinations were not yet confirmed, so staying at home made my thoughts more clear. I devoted most of my time to reading books. I believe if you are a good reader only then you can become a good author. I had a whole drawer of classic books and I always prolonged the reading because of its volume. During the pandemic, I had all the time in the world and finally read many classics. Even my book ‘The Efflorescent’ became a bestseller. So I would like to say this pandemic was a blessing in disguise for me.

4) What do you want to tell people who are confused, insecure or going through hard times?

Everyone is insecure right now. Being at this stage, I’m seeing my friends and cousins who are younger than me earning more than me. When I released my book I had to face quite a bit of negative feedback. Some even recommended I write something else other than poems as it is underrated in our country. During that time I also felt insecure. But after giving it some thought, I felt every day when I wake up in the morning, I am doing something that I’m passionate about and nothing can stop me from it. When you are following your passion, you see many obstacles and go through much negative feedback. Even today I believe nothing can stop a passionate person from doing what they like and that’s what matters.

5) Now you are part of MCMV media, so what do you want to accomplish with us? Tell us something about your plans and projects.

Earlier, I just had one dream of becoming an author and doing my events. Now, along with the shows, I want to get featured on some good media platforms. I also want to collaborate with well-known authors and conduct events. These are some to-do lists of mine for now. I’m getting exposure through the MCMV media platform and I hope I can add value to it and it’ll be beneficial for both parties.

Aanchal Arora is a 21-year PhD student and an author by profession. Her poems not only express her feelings but bring peace to the reader’s mind. She scrutinizes life, love and soul positively. Her writing has a spark of hope that comprehends the thought process while reading her poems. It brings immense joy and connects each of her audiences in one or another way. ‘The Efflorescence’, the best selling book of poems is a true witness of Aanchal’s adroitness.

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