The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Title – The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
Author – Robin Sharma
No. of pages – 198
Publisher – Paper Towns
Ratings – ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Robin Sharma

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Canadian author Robin Sharma is the author of the self-help book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.” Since its 1997 release, the book has been a hit, selling more than three million copies all over the world.

The fable-like book relates the tale of Julian Mantle, a successful attorney who has a heart attack while presenting a case in court. Julian makes the decision to leave his demanding job and set out on a journey to find happiness and fulfilment following his near-death experience. He visits India and encounters a group of monks who impart to him important knowledge about happiness, life, and self-discovery.


The Monk and The Secret are the two sections that make up the entire book. John, a friend and former coworker who is also under stress and dissatisfaction in his own life, hears the first part of Julian’s narrative. The monks taught Julian the value of mindfulness, meditation, and present-moment awareness, among other things, and Julian tells John about his change and the principles the monks ingrained in him. Julian describes the “Seven Virtues of Enlightened Life” in the second chapter of “The Secret,” which are necessary for finding happiness and fulfilment in life. These characteristics include exercising self-control, taking responsibility for your ideas, living your life in accordance with your purpose, being joyous, appreciating the moment, caring for your body, and lending a helpful hand.


Self-help author Robin Sharma’s book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” presents a moving and inspirational tale about the value of work-life harmony, mindfulness, and personal fulfilment. The book’s fable-like structure makes it simple to read and interesting.

The narrative centres on high-powered attorney Julian Mantle, who after having a heart attack resolves to leave his hectic life behind in order to find inner peace and contentment. Julian’s trip takes him to India, where he encounters a group of monks who impart important life teachings to him.

It is calm, optimistic and angelic that made me realize only at the end how remarkable the story was. An obvious book recommendation of mine that I’d love to give a read again. So, are you ready for this magical journey?

The Monk and The Secret are the two sections that combine to form the complete work. In the first line of the essay, Julian speaks with his friend and former coworker John about his struggles with stress and melancholy. In this engaging story, the monks impart to Julian a wise and thought-provoking message.

The “Seven Virtues of Enlightened Life,” which are necessary for gaining happiness and fulfilment in life, are described by Julian in the second chapter of “The Secret.” Other desired characteristics are goal-setting, self-control, joy and present-momentum, body-care, and service to others. The suggestions made are useful, and the illustrations and narratives offered are relatable.

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