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When it comes to saving lives there is no app or even an option.In times when there is a start-up boom throughout the world, there’s a very real need of one that can save lives. In the ‘measure by your stopwatch’ time. The one great quality that people have is enough to turn them into superheroes. This novel inspires readers to connect to their special quality or gift only they have.

Authors: Kartik Sharma & Ravi Sharma

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5 reviews for Daredreamers

  1. Shreyash Kumar Rout

    “DareDreamers – A Start-up of Superheroes” – The Review
    Set in a modern tone and a current day scenario, DareDreamers – A Start-up of Superheroes is a novel by a father-son duo Kartik Sharma and Ravi ‘Nirmal’ Sharma. The book has four parts, and each part takes us on an adventure with the “super” six heroes of the book.
    The first part of the book shows both the authors’ extensive experience in the corporate world. “Rasiq,” the protagonist who comes up with the idea for DareDreamers, is shown as an ace student who has landed a job in a big firm as an investment banker. Every nook and corner of this profession, where everyday life seems an episode from “Suits” where the associates are working their bottoms off to justify the high paid job they have got. The first part also shows a side of Mumbai – the side where most people are living the dream. We meet Gopi who is in contrast to Rasiq’s character in many parts. The first part shows us Rasiq’s climb and fall. While most protagonist’s life seems like a parabola, I would say Rasiq’s is more like a sine curve. So, a series of parabolas with ups and downs continuing till the end. This is the Rasiq gets a downfall but rises up again with an idea. The idea which would save lives.
    The second part shows us a Rasiq who has been smacked out of his life only to be beaten back as a more humble individual. This is where we meet the entire team – the founding members of the DareDreamers. Nick – an ace inventor, Natasha – an ex Bollywood stunt double who kicks ass and saves many more in the process, MD Vyom – the Sherlock Holmes doctor, Halka – a massive inhumanly strong man, and Arjun – a champion shooter.
    Every good story needs an antagonist. In this, we meet three – Narad Money, Rakyesh Aurora, and the cruel unwelcome selfish world that could not fathom how any company would make money through selfless service.
    Through adversaries and trials, this team of six perform impossible rescue missions putting their lives and a lot more than just that in jeopardy.
    What stands out in the book is the title for chapters. One such title is “Immobility fosters Serendipity.” And another quality that stands out is the almost negligible use of jargon, which people away from the corporate world won’t understand. Moreover, to see Indian authors coming up with such great fills me up with joy, and DareDreamers is a must-read.

  2. Devanshi

    Rasiq after completing his MBA gets a very good job in a leading investment bank. He was very proud of his job as it gave him a very good salary. But in return for a good salary, he had a load of work, meetings and so much more. This had a huge impact on his mental health as well as his love life. He gets anxious from everything happening around him, due to this he impulsively buys Harley Davidson. And also loses his girlfriend as well as his savings.

    Then his father encourages him to start something of his own. He plans to establish a company named DareDreamers and the team he builds was a diverse with Nick (a tech geek and collegemate), Halka (security personnel), Natasha (worked as body double stunt woman), Arjun (a marksman) and Vyom (an imaginative and intuitive doctor). The team members pull strings and save lives. The whole story is about ups and downs faced by the DareDreamers.

    Do read the book to know more.

    The story is different and impressive. The characters were very well developed and this was the best part of the book. The plot and style are very unique. The narration is simple and straightforward. The language is also easy and normal. The cover is amazing and eye-catching.

    Overall, it was a refreshing read with a blend of humour, action, and moral-message well conveyed. I do recommend this book.

  3. Megha

    Fresh out of college, Rasiq gets an Investment Banking job in Mumbai. But like all good things, it comes with a price. A price of getting little to no sleep and no life outside the office. Working hard towards success made him so arrogant that he started questioning himself if he is on the right path. After two years of backbreaking work, he resigned from his job.

    A catastrophe happened after a month which gave Rasiq an idea about a start-up. He brought together a team of uniquely talented people. The team includes Nick (the inventor), Halka (worked previously in a security firm), Dr. Vyom (the eccentric medical expert), Asylum (the pilot), Natasha (Bollywood stunt double), and Arjun (a sharpshooter).

    Together they start a rescue venture, named, DareDreamers. Saving people with the help of monkeys, if it comes to that or saving a girl from a crater formed on a road. They are real-life heroes and they gain fame shortly due to their daredevil acts.

    Gaining fame came with gaining enemies. But there is only one enemy and he is hell-bent on destroying their name.

    Will they become another failed start-up or will they survive?

    A page-turner with lots of adventure, fun, and drama in its wake. It will make you remember your banter with your parents.

    The best thing about this book is the optimistic way of seeing everything even when everything looked glum.

  4. Priya

    Rasiq was at the peak of his career while working as an Investment Banker, but he was not satisfied with his job. With the desire to do something different, he quits his job and left Mumbai to start his new endeavor.
    After many failed attempts, Rasiq came up with the idea of starting a business of helping people by protecting them from any accidents or dangers. The team of five started THE DAREDREAMERS consisting of his partners–Nick, Halka, Arjun, Natasha, Dr. Vyom, and Rasiq. Their rising success, however, comes at a price as a competitor is hell-bent on tearing down their popularity and position.
    The concept of the book is uniquely outstanding, the characters are well developed, and the narration is pretty wonderful. Although not very practical, this sure guarantees entertainment. And the captivating title is another plus. Every part of the book is so interesting that the reader never feels bored.

    The book is a total hit for action & adventure lovers. 

  5. Lekhana Athyala

    “Possibilities open when the mind steps out of fear-zone into the dare-zone.” – Kartik and Ravi Sharma, Daredreamers

    I recently picked up Daredreamers by Kartik Sharma and Ravi Sharma and really enjoyed it! It follows six individuals with different expertise or “superpowers” who come together to launch a startup that aims at saving lives. There’s an ex-investment banker, an inventor, a Bollywood stunt double, a shooter, a medical Sherlock Holmes (a very interesting touch), and an inhumanly strong man, who all form our main cast of characters.

    First off, I thought the premise was really unique and interesting, and was well executed. The characters were well-written and felt very real. They were different from each other but worked brilliantly as a team, a theme that can sell any book to me! 😌 The book was wonderfully paced throughout. It was action-packed, easy to read, didn’t turn boring or cliche at any point, and the storylines had a good flow to them. I really appreciated the structure of the book, right from the prologue to the very end.

    The rescue missions were one of the best features of the book! They were never your typical, you’d-know-what-to-expect kind of rescue missions. They were unique, intriguing, well-researched, and so entertaining to read. The story dealt a lot with real-life themes and issues throughout that gave it a very realistic character.

    Something that I was really looking forward to seeing in this one, especially after speaking with one of the authors in an interview, was the balance between focus on the plot and focus on characters. And I was not disappointed! The authors made sure that both the elements were given equal attention.

    The only piece of criticism that I have for the book would probably be one of the romances. I don’t want to give anything away, but it’s the one between two of our main characters. I felt a bit like it came out of nowhere, and failed to make a whole lot of sense for me. 🙈 However, since it wasn’t the front and center of the book, I didn’t mind it all that much in the end.

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