Envisioning PMO and Project Management through a Juggler`s Eye

Have you ever wondered what project management is? Many people think they know what is project management but actually they don`t. Those people tend to doubt not only skills of project management but also to their real talents and accomplishments. This type of behaviour and nature has been termed as “Imposter Syndrome.”

“Envisioning PMO and Project Management through a Juggler`s Eye” Part1is a book about “Abhishek Mishra” the author`s experience, which has learned through his professional role as a project manager.  Project managers are not everyone’s shoe thing, while others think as they are. Since everyone has been treated as SMEs, their feelings conflict for the Solution Architect role, Technical lead role, or any other subject matter expert role. So, why not Project Management?

Project managers are Nonpareil as they express through their communication, planning, coordination, persuasiveness, and attitude. Thus, they are jugglers, but as overhead and always underrated. They are considered as underdogs who can hold the flag until the fort’s last brick, but they have never been treated similarly. This book will take you through the journey of all the author’s articles, thoughts, experience, knowledge, and off course perspective on Project Management and PMO.

The author, Abhishek Mishra has always believed that nurtured thoughts with the right attitude have immense power to change the world process. When he lost his job in March 2020, he fell into a loop of negativity. He kept asking questions to himself for 9 days, but by the 9 th day he realized that his writing ability has been enhanced. Ever since he started his magical journey of writing, he had not been stopped.

Fulfilled with stunning writing skills, Culinary skills, and strong management skills, this book will help you to explore, grow more you and your thoughts also will help the aspiring PM’s and PMO’s in the right way to groom them and present them in a way where to become a front runner for a future great leader.

An organization’s PMO, or project management office, is a centralised unit tasked with establishing best practises for project management, advising and supporting project teams, and making sure that projects are in line with overall goals and objectives.

Thinking carefully about the organization’s structure, culture, and strategic goals is necessary while designing a PMO. Among the important elements to take into account when imagining a PMO are:

Governance: The PMO should be given a defined mandate and level of power to uphold project management guidelines and requirements as well as track and analyse project performance.

Methodology: The PMO should design a consistent project management methodology that is in line with best practises in the industry and adapted to the requirements of the organisation.

Tools and systems: To assist project planning, execution, and monitoring, the PMO should give project teams the tools and systems they need.

Talent: The PMO should recruit and keep talented project managers who have received project management technique training and are able to mentor and support project teams.

Metrics and reporting: To guarantee that project performance is tracked and reported on a regular basis, the PMO should develop metrics and reporting procedures.

Constant improvement is necessary for the PMO to make sure that its procedures are still current and efficient.

So, get ready to become an influencer Project Manager!

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