MUSIC can either MAKE or BREAK your OPEN MIC – 5 REASONS!

MUSIC is the key to bind all the factors of an open mic together. Here is a blog you never knew you needed!

Open mic is a beautiful modern concept that was developed by the millennials to integrate all forms of art together. It began by commencing in small groups at parks and homes and now it has maximized to a mega event!

A performance at an open mic can succeed or fail depending on the use of music. Here are five justifications:

The music you select helps to set the mood for your performance. It can evoke any desired emotion, such as exhilaration, melancholy, or another. It might be unsettling and detract from the experience if the music doesn’t fit the mood of your performance.

Getting the audience’s attention: The perfect music may bring the crowd into your presentation and get their attention. It can keep them interested throughout your performance and pique their curiosity about what will happen next. On the other hand, the incorrect music may cause people to tune out and lose interest.

  1. Highlighting your strengths: The right music can highlight your strengths as a performer. It can showcase your voice, your guitar skills, or any other talent you possess. On the other hand, the wrong music can highlight your weaknesses and detract from your performance.
  2. Leaving a lasting impression: The music you choose can leave a lasting impression on the audience. It can be the thing they remember most about your performance and the reason they come back to see you again. On the other hand, the wrong music can be forgettable and leave no lasting impact.

In summary, music is a powerful tool that can either make or break an open mic performance. By choosing the right music, you can set the tone, capture the audience’s attention, enhance your performance, highlight your strengths, and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Ever thought about what every good open mic has in common? Good food? Good artists? No! IT’S GOOD MUSIC! Hosting open mics and making it a smooth event is not an easy task.  People come from all over the places, carrying dissimilar moods, having different expectations but one same requirement – To spend a beautiful evening!

MUSIC is the key to bind all these factors together. Here is a blog you never knew you needed. Here are 5 reasons why you should include music in your open mic!

  • Sets the Tone!

Open mics can turn out to be a dreamy event but if done in the wrong way it can also be a nightmare! No one wants a total shut in their Cafe after each performance, it simply kills the mood.

To save yourself from such situations always have a calm soothing background scores so that your audience gets in the groove. This not only helps to ease the event but also keeps the mood of everyone intact.

They CAN’T SEE YOUR POKER FACE with good music! XD

  • Encourages the performers!

Believe it or not but if you have performed in an open mic, you will understand how important is good music to your performance! It is like a cherry on top. If you have the right music in your slam poetry, it’s a match MADE IN HEAVEN then! Every artist vibes with the right kind of music.

On a melancholic poetry, we expect a slow number. On a romantic shayari, we need those guitar strings! Not only does it cheer the audience but it also boosts the confidence of the artist. After all “artist” is the star of the Open Mic.

They can make your SHAAM SHANDAAR!

  • Helps to cover up the delays!

Mishaps are a part of every event and are bound to happen, but we can cover them right? In case your next performer doesn’t turn up or is late, worry not! Get a good track ready, engage your audience with the sweet melodies and voila!

You get the chance to think of the solution and you can wait for the next Performer! No matter what happens, good music can set everything right. Invite your singers, your band and ask them to fill in for the time everything is settled and it’s like nothing happened!


  • Keeps the audience in loop!

Famous songs and tunes in open mics helps to bind the audience together, it makes them sing, tap their feet, bang their heads and keeps them engaged! Maybe they even get up and start dancing! Allow your audience to be in sync and only music can do that. It helps the audience connect with each other. It can simple make any Open Mic mind blowing!

It can make their DIL GOES ZOOOOOMMMM!

  • What can go wrong with good music?

Nothing! Literally nothing can go wrong with good songs, which is why it’s said GOOD MELODIES+ GOOD WORD = GOOD MOOD!


Imagine a birthday party without cake, a wedding without a ring and a body without a soul! That is what music means to an Open Mic these days. It can make your soul soar, your mind high and remove your sighs!

Next time you organize an Open Mic, keep your best music tracks ready!

M – Makes you go crazy

U– Understands you

S– Soothes your soul

I– Intensifies your emotions

C– Comes with good mood 

Music is WAKHRA SWAG to your open mic!

Thanks us later! Check out MCMV Open Mics to witness the importance and difference, music can do to your lovely poetic evenings.

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